My sticker wall 4 in 1!!!

Main idea!

1. STICKERS COLLECTION - Mystickerwall is world wide stickers collection of real projects. If you click on sticker, you'll open a detail. In detail you see a main category and subcategories of sticker plus hashtags, what is project about. You see as well where is project from, and what languages you can comunicate with this project. Click on link or on sticker, and you go directly to page of project.

2. SHARING PLATFORM - Every new sticker in my online collection is shared at least 6 times in that day. At first on Instagram in sponsored feed and automaticly on facebook and twitter on main timeline. In the same day of exposition is this sticker shared one more on Facebook, on Twitter and on VK in russian language. Always with direct link, picture and description.
It's like you say to people from all around the world "Hello, this is my business card, take a look to my project".
Every sticker contain special link to sticker and icons, u can use for sharing as well. Just click on messenger icon and send your favorite stickers to all your friends.

3. STREET SUPPORT - Everywhere i go, i have my camera with me. When i find some nice sticker in good condition on streight surface, i process it to my collection.
If you want, send me your strickers to my address, you can find in first step of UpLoad form HERE. I will check your project and share you through my wall if all OK. Your stickers will be used for Stickers pack in "my sticker game".

4. STICKER GAME - Every uploaded and paid sticker can win Stickers Pack. My Stickers Pack is mix of stickers you can find in my collection, handmade artistic stickers and official stickers by mystickerwall. For more follow me on instagram, facebook, Twitter or VK. Game starts with first paid sticker of the day. Every day is my collection open for max 16 new stickers. Chance to get one pack is really big. Shipping world wide!

My sticker wall is good support and sharing for every nice project.
In fact, by upload you'll made your online business card that i will share everywhere.

UpLoad your sticker today!


1. At first you need your sticker design. Place it somewhere and make good picture with your camera. I need to see all details!

2. Click UpLOAD and upload your sticker step by step.
3. OR Send me your sticker to "my sticker game" to address:
Peter Juhás
Slezská 57
Prague 13000

When your sticker will be in Stickers pack of the day, your sticker will be in my online stickers collection and shared like paid sticker. Your sticker will not be in the sticker game and will not be able to win this pack of the day.

Processing FEE

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More about Stickers Collection (video)


Symbols and buttons on the wall

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