1. STEP:
Click the "Registration" (1) and fill the short form (2)

2. STEP:
Activate your account from your e-mail!

3. STEP:
Your account has been activated. You can log in.!

4. STEP:
Log in! (3) (4)

5. STEP:
Now you can collect your favorite stickers on yours "MYstickerWALL"! Just click on hand (5) placed in the corner of sticker, you want to your collection!
The number (6) mean, how many times was sticker added to someones "MYstickerWALL"!

6. STEP:
You check your sticker collection by clicking "MYstickerWALL" (7) ! Second click mean back to the main wall!
Sticker from your "MYstickerWALL" can be removed by using spatula! (8)

ENJOY MYSTICKERWALL.COM! Verified links from a streets of all around the globe!