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Mystickerwall, online collection and support
for street stickers.

NO SEX, NO POLITICS, NO GAMBLING, NO PHARMA, NO EXTREM. Just GREAT stickers from your neighborhood and other site of this planet.
Our partners:, ... Mystickerwall is not responsible for the content and changes of third party websites published in this collection.
Our Mission!
- is global online, street stickers collection, created for support of projects promoted by this way. Stickers are collected from public space. By U.HAZArt

- It is free time project and iniciative by Peter Juhás aka uhazart.
- Every sticker on the wall is direct link to project behind.
- Stickers are sorted to seven main categories: art, music, ideas & fun, serious slaps, shopping, events or sport .
- Support our mission with any symbolic donation or sharing. Open your sticker link and click on the "sticker kicker" button or social icon. For every donation or 200+ clicks on your sticker will move your sticker to the top spot of main page with promo on all our socials and websites of our partners.

- If you want to join the collection with your sticker, click on JOIN button in main menu and follow the instructions.
- Or ... slap your sticker everywhere you go!!! We will find you one day :D
Easy like that!
We believe that every interesting project need this great support.STICKER POWER TO YOU ALL!
My name is Peter. I am uhazart!

Every new sticker (1) come in to the one of 7 categories (art stickers, music stickers, ideas&fun, serious slaps, sport stickers, shopping, events) (2), with selected english keywords in subcategory, local hashtags, country and language information (3). Brief but complete information needed to quick identifying of project.
Every clickable sticker is direct link to project (4) and has already mystickerawall " ID". Own sticker link (5).
This all makes from common sticker perfect business card in online space.
Mystickerwall is collection and support for street stickers and projects behind this beautiful pieces of art. Promo by real people for real people.
What you can do on the wall?
- Every sticker is some interesting project from some different country. You can inspire yoursef by browsing the world of stickers.
- You can share every project you like on your socials and help us to spread the worl of stickers. (6) Just click on the stocial icon at the sticker of project you like.
- You can support every project you like by clicking on the STICKER KICKER button at the sticker of project. For any symoblic donation we are going to support the project in online space. Top spot on main page with promo on our socials and websites of our partners. For every and any donation.
Or you can check other similar projects (7) of projects you like. Worldwide for inspiration. Just click on Small S icon on right side of every sticker.
- And after registration you can start to build your own collection (8).
"STICKER KICKER" button is our DONATE button. Working on PayPal platform. Click on it, choose your currency and send us some bucks. Every sticker has its own STICKER KICKER and your support is support for selected sticker. For any symbolic donation is ready a nice promo, for the project behind the sticker and you will support our supporting mission in one. The best spot on main page and promo on all our socials and websites of our partners is ready for every donation. Stories, posts, banners. Great online presentation for one click. And you need just your sticker? Isn't it fantastic?
Sharing of your /or your favorite sticker/ (6) bring you clicks and views to the project. Click on the stocial icon at your favorite sticker and help it with promotion. For reachig 200+ clicks, will move this sticker to the top spot of main page! Anytime ;) This is Timeless promo!
How to be a part of the collection?
Stickers spotted on public space are processed to collection for free. Information about it we send through instagram or facebook messenger to every project very soon after exposition of the sticker on the wall. This process guarantees thematic, cultural and linguistic diversity.
If you want to JOIN our collection with your sticker, click up on JOIN button in main menu. First step is donation via PayPal for our mission. Right after we will send you info about next step in to the donors email. Think of it, we don't expose the political, pharmaceutical, sexual, gambling or other extremist content! Donation is not refundable!!!!
Speak with us if you need something.
If you want change something in your info, have a new link or want to delete your old sticker from the collection, contact us on an email.
subject: your ID link (this one is mine:
and write your wish.
We will contact you as soon as possible ;)

I am Peter, nice to find you!

Support us with any symbolic donation and we are going to put new sticker spotted on a street in to the collection.

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Many Thanks!