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Just positive stickers by creative people from all around the world.
Mystickerwall is not responsible for the content and changes of third party websites published in this collection.
If your sticker is in our collection (spotted on public space) and you don't like this form of presentation, write us and your link will be disabled.
My sticker mission! is online colection of stickers from all aroud the world. As well as digital marketing. Your Art, Music, Shop, Team, Ideas, Funpages, Events or Serious Slaps can be promoted for new audience here. For donation ( stickers in the collection) or 10€ for new sticker. Join the wall with your sticker and support your project. I am Peter, the founder and collector. Nice to see you here.

"Roll the wall, share it all"!
- Stickers in 7 main categories. .
- Every sticker is some project, from some country, speaking some language.
- Share the sticker you like easy.
- Cool Promo for every sticker in the collection ...Just for donation!
- 50 cents or milions dollars, your support - your choice.

How the promo look like?
1. Your sticker on the top spot on main page, how long depends on your donation. Fresh uploaded sticker is on the top for 48 hours.
2. Your sticker with the link on cover of our facebook as sticker of the day.
3. Paid promo on Facebook. (power of promotion depends on your donation)
4. Cover photo and tweet on our Twitter
5.Your stickers on websites of our partners as banners. (,,
6. Reel with your sticker on our Instagram
7. Video on our Tik Tok
8. QR to your sticker on our street promo. (stickers, street art)
9. Other

Do you want to join the collection with your sticker?

Click HERE. See you soon on the wall ;)

My name is Peter. I am uhazart!

Your Sticker in detail can look like this:

1. Sticker image
Sticker spotted on the street or accepted by email is processed to online sticker. Image of sticker is the link to project.
2. Symbol of category
Stickers in the collection are sorted to 7 main categories for beter selection. Music, Art, Ideas and fun, Serious slaps, Shopping, Sport and Events. Each category speaks for itself. If you click on this symbol you are going to change the mode of the wall and after click you wil see just stickers from selected category.
3. Brief info
Every sticker detail contain brief info about project behind the sticker. Category, keywords aka subcategories, hashtags or country and language information.
4. Link
In this collection you can find just street stickers that have online link. We prefer link to music at Music stickers, link to portfolio at Art stickers, link to fun page at Ideas etc.
5. Mystickerwall unique link
In collection has every sticker its own unique link you can find or share your sticker easy!
6. Sharing icons
Click on icon of social you use and share your favorite sticker easy for your friends and followers!
7. Similar stickers symbol
Always when you find some intersting project and you want to see more, click on similar stickers button! You wil see more stickers in same category with similar keywords.
If you are registrated user you can save stickers to your own collection. Click on blue heart and add the sticker to your wall. The heart will turn red. Click on red heart and delete it from your collection. The nuber shows, how many people saved the sticker.
9. Promo area is online street stickers collection with promo. If you want promo for your project, click on red button "stick on top", choose your currency and pay symbolic donation to our paypal. Sum is up on to you. Your sticker will move to the best spot on the wall and will be shared on all our socials and websites of our growing partners.

What you can do on the wall?
- Discover the thiny life of streets of the world. Behind every sticker is some story. And if you like something, you can check just next or similar sticker and the exploration continue.
- After registration you can start to build your own collection (8).
"Cool promo" red button!
This is our DONATE button. Working on PayPal platform. Click on it, choose your currency and send us some bucks. Every sticker has its own button and your support is support for selected sticker. For any symbolic donation is ready a cool promo for new audience.
How to be a part of the collection?
Stickers spotted on public space are processed to collection for free. Information about it we send through instagram or facebook messenger to every project very soon after exposition on the wall. This process guarantees thematic, cultural and linguistic diversity.
If you want to JOIN this collection with your sticker, hit the JOIN button in main menu. First step is donation via PayPal for our mission. From the same mail send your sticker picture and link you want to promote to WARNING NO political, pharmaceutical, sexual, gambling or other extremist content! Donation is not refundable!!!!
Speak with me if you need something.
If you want change something in your info, have a new link or want to delete your old sticker from the collection, contact me on an email.
subject: your ID link (this one is mine:
and write your wish.
I will contact you as soon as possible ;)

I am Peter, good luck!

Support me with any symbolic contribudion and i am going to put new sticker from a street in to the collection.

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More info:

More about Stickers Collection (video)


Symbols and buttons on the wall

Many Thanks!