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Mystickerwall is online stickers collection
and promo for street stickers.

How it works?
- is the biggest online street stickers collection.
- Every sticker on the wall has direct link to project behind the sticker, among other things, so it is a great promo as well.
- Stickers are collected in public space and sorted to categories like art, music, ideas & fun, business, shopping, events or sport .
- If is your sticker in my collection and you like my support, move your sticker to top spot of main page. Open your sticker and send me your donation via "sticker kicker".
- Sharing on all mystickerwall socials is included for every donor.
- If your sticker is not in the collection, click on UPLOAD button in main menu. For any donation you will get a link for free upload of your sticker into a donors email.
Easy like that!
I believe that every interesting project need free support.
My name is Peter. I am uhazart!

Every new sticker (1) become in to one of 7 categories (art, music, ideas&fun, good job, sport, shopping, events) (2), with english keywords in subcategory, local hashtags, country and language information (3). Brief but complete information needed to quickly identify the project.
Every sticker has direct link to project (4) and mystickerawll "sticker ID" link (5).
This all makes from common sticker perfect business card in online space.
Mystickerwall is promowall and marketing by real people for real people.
What you can do?
There is a project behind each sticker. If you like the project, pay small donation to promote it. Mystickerwall is a marketing tool created for this. But, you can share it on your socials, you can send it through your messenger, whatsapp or telegram (6) to your friends as well. Or you can check other similar projects (7) worldwide for one click for inspiration. Small S icon on right side of every sticker can help you. And after registration you can start to build your own collection (8).
Kick your, or your favorite sticker to top of the collection. This sticker will be shared on our socials for our friends, fans and followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and VK. If you like our offer, go to your sticker ID, click on STICKER KICKER area and pay some money for great promo.
When you share your sticker (6) and get more than 200 clicks, your sticker can move to top position as well. Anytime. Hope you like it ;)
How to be a part of the collection?
Stickers founded in urban space are processed to collection for free. Information about it we send through instagram or facebook messenger to every project right after exposition of its sticker. This process guarantees thematic, cultural and linguistic diversity.
If you want to paste your sticker in to the collection, click on UPLOAD, you can find in main menu. Select your currency and send us donation. Right after acteptance of payment we will send you "upload link" for new sticker to donor email. Be careful, we don't expose the political, farmaceutical, sex or gambling content! Donation is not refundable.
Speak with us if you need something.
If you want change something in your info, have a new link or want to delete your old sticker from my collection, write me as well.
subject: your ID link (this one is mine:
and write me what do you need.
We will contact you ;)


Support us with small donation and we are going to put new sticker from a street in to the collection.

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More info:

More about Stickers Collection (video)


Symbols and buttons on the wall

Many Thanks!